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Started back in 2009, MyDee Baby is a renowned and privately-owned brand which means we have no stockholders and cater only to our customers’ best interests. With years of experience in the field of nutrition, and baby nutrition in particular, MyDee Baby offers an extensive array of different infant formulas that rise to the highest quality Sectisyaboutusstandards and even goes above and beyond to exceed them. Ultracare Nutraceutical is based in California, the United States of America, and it has made a name for itself by providing products of an irreproachable quality throughout the years. Here at Ultracare Nutraceutical LLC. and MyDee Baby, we understand how important your child means to you which is why we are committed to providing high-quality, safe and delicious baby formulas, coupled with a friendly and professional customer system – everything for a highly affordable price, thus helping you get the best quality for your money.

No matter if you know exactly the type of baby formula you are aiming for or you need professional assistance in choosing the most suitable one for your infant, at MyDee Baby we are always ready to help. Not only do we specialize in custom formulas for babies and children but we also provide nutritious formulas for adults as well, and all of them rise to the quality standards that our clients have been accustomed to.

milk-truck 1What makes MyDee Baby stand out from the rest is that even though the baby formulas are comparable to all the other expensive brands from a nutritional standpoint, they are available at affordable prices for all pockets. Also, all the formulas are designed to meet the most updated nutritional regulations set by the FDA- they are very easy to digest, well-tolerated and designed to help your baby get the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the premium milk based formulas are also fortified with iron, which helps your baby’s growth and brain development.

Parents who only want to get the best formulas for their babies can rest assured knowing that MyDee Baby is a certified kosher, which means that the infant formula can easily be consumed by those who have strict dietary requirements or who abide by the kosher dietary laws. At the same time, MyDee Baby is also allowed to produce organic formula that meets all the USDA organic regulations – everything for the safety and health of your baby!

aboutustAs detailed above, MyDee Baby offers a wide array of milk-based and soy-based infant formulas to choose from, designed for toddlers of different age groups. While some of the formulas are exclusively designed for those aged 1-12 months, other formulas are aimed at toddlers between 13 to 24 or 24 to 36 months of age. You can also opt for the organic baby formula, or for the formulas that have a dual prebiotics blend embedded in them, to support the baby’s natural immune system. In addition to the variety of products available, MyDee Baby formulas contain DHA levels that are virtually identical to those of breast milk averages throughout the world, and the formulas are also designed to support the correct development of the mental, visual and respiratory functions of the infant. Every baby deserves the best formula possible which is why at MyDee Baby, we strive to offer parents the best option for their baby.




About Us July 13, 2014
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