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Baby Formula Brands

About The Top Formula Brands And How You Should Choose A Baby Formula

Under the term “baby formula”, you will actually find at least 50 brands claiming to provide the best nutrition for your baby. If you’re like most parents, you’re probably wary about these claims and are wondering which brands you should bother with, or even how to choose a brand at all. In this article, we’re going to introduce some good brands as well as guide you in choosing a formula for your baby.

Unlike fresh cow’s milk, baby formula is meant to substitute breast milk. Regardless of the brand, it contains all the necessary vitamins – especially ARA, DHA and iron – for the overall health and wellbeing of your baby. It is derived from fresh cow’s milk, however, different brands use different amounts of whey and casein.

If you are feeding a newborn baby, there are baby formulas that are made specifically for them, including:

Enfamil Premium Newborn – This is made for newborn babies from birth to three months old. It’s probably the only formula made specifically for newborn babies as it contains extra amounts of Vitamin D for strong bone growth. It is also mixed with probiotics to feed the good bacteria in your baby’s tummy.

Enfamil Premium Infant – This formula is an advanced baby formula for newborn to 12-month old babies. It contains a special probiotic blend that helps with the baby’s digestion, this strengthening his immune system.

Similac Advance – Like Enfamil, this formula is for newborn to 12-month old babies. It contains a so-called Early Shield formula that contains lutein for eye health, nucleotides to boost the immune system, and prebiotics to improve digestion.
Bright Beginnings Premium – Although it’s a lesser-known formula, Bright Beginning is a standard baby formula that contains everything your baby needs to stay healthy – ARA, DHA, iron, and probotics.

Parent’s Choice – Sold exclusively at Sam’s Club and Walmart, Parent’s Choice is made by Wyeth. It actually comes in two options, Premium and Advantage. The difference is that Advantage has Lutein for eye health.

Good Start Protect – This brand is probably the only standard formula that has the proteins already partially broken down, which means that it’s very easy to digest and won’t cause your baby to pass gas. The brand actually has a gentle formula that already breaks down all of the protein for the baby, making your baby’s tummy even happier. It also contains active B Lactis probiotic, which you can find in the tummies of breastfed babies, thus making this brand a better than normal substitute for breast milk.

When it comes to choosing a baby formula, consider the content of the formula. As we said earlier, baby formula is meant to substitute breast milk, so you will want to choose a formula that resembles true breast milk as much as possible.

Baby formula is expensive, however, it is possible to get discounts and sometimes double-digit coupons just by visiting the website of the brands we mentioned here.

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