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Organic Baby Formula

Advantages of Using Organic Baby Formula

One of the most important considerations for a newborn baby is the quality of nutrition the baby receives. While natural breastfeeding is normally the ideal solution, there are a number of reasons why a formula may be a convenient or necessary alternative.

Some babies have trouble learning to breastfeed, and some moms are simply too busy to breastfeed a baby each time. In situations like these, baby formula can be a suitable alternative for your child’s nutrition.

organic baby formulaHowever, the quality of nutrition your baby is provided is a very important factor in the child’s cognitive development. Improper nutrition can lead to brain development being stunted, which can result in deficiencies that last an entire lifetime.

Studies have shown that nutrient deficiency in infancy can have a negative effect on the eventual intelligence of the child as an adult. It can also cause behavior problems and in extreme cases physical deformity.

Because of this, choosing a healthy baby formula is one of your most important jobs if you choose to formula feed a child. It is highly recommended to use a certified organic formula to avoid feeding dangerous chemicals and hormones to your child.

The advantages of organic baby formula are numerous. Organic formulas are usually made from some combination of soy products, milk from cows, and protein hydrolysate. There are special dairy-free formulas for infants who are allergic to dairy, and soy-free formulas for those with soy allergies.

Unlike ordinary formula, organic formula is made only of certified organic ingredients. This means no pesticides or herbicides in the plant ingredients, and no growth hormones or other unnatural feed used on the cows which provide the milk. It is very important to protect infants from these kinds of contaminants, since their low body weight and underdeveloped immune systems make them hundreds of times more susceptible than an adult.

Because of the fact that babies eat a much higher percentage of their body weight than humans of any other age, protection from contaminants is incredibly important. Studies have shown that infants are very susceptible to poisoning and other negative effects as a result of pesticides and herbicides in their food.

Using organic formula puts infants at a much lower risk for problems resulting from exposure to pesticides, including lung damage, reproductive damage, or damage to the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. When it comes to complications that can last for a child’s entire life, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

While it is usually safe to feed an infant non-organic baby formula, organic formulas will always be a safer and healthier option. Taking care to give your child the best nutrition possible will set them up for a healthy life. Exposing a child to pesticides and other poisons can be incredibly dangerous due to their low body weights. While breastfeeding will always be the most effective nutrition for a child, if you must use a formula, make sure it gives your child the best chance for a bright future.

Organic Baby Formula September 11, 2014
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