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A Brief History Of Baby Formula

A Brief History Of Baby Formula

If you are a new mother, just had a baby, your best intention is probably to breast feed your baby throughout his or her infant years. Brest feeding is a natural, inexpensive and convenient way to feed your baby while improving maternal and infant health. Breast milk directly comes from mother and you can feed your baby anytime and anywhere as you don’t need to carry bottles and other things you need to feed your baby. Brest milk gives the nutrients and the immune factors that are important for protecting babies against the serious infections.

All the pediatric doctors and midwives are recommending mothers for breast feeding their babies. However, in real life, not all the mothers can breast feed their babies. They all have different reasons, some want to do it but just can’t produce milk however hard they try, and others don’t do it by choice. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), less than 40 % of mothers around the world breast feed their babies in the first six months.

For those mothers, who can’t breast feed their babies; their alternative choice is “Baby formula”. For them baby formula is a life saver. Baby formula comes to struggling mothers’ rescue. The invention of baby formula was the historical evolution for mothers and babies. And now in modern days, use of baby formula has been increasing the popularity and formula feeding is widely accepted all over the world. So when and how baby formula was invented? Let’s take a look at the brief history of baby formula.

Before the 19th century, any attempts of creating artificial form of human breast milk ended up with disaster and everybody just held onto breast feeding. If the mother couldn’t produce breast milk, other mothers breastfed her baby instead of the was called “Wet nursing.” Other alternative baby feeding method was “feeding animal’s milk.” This practice is recorded as old as 2000 BC.

Then researchers and scientists in the mid 19th century, strated analysing human breast milk in a hope of creating a similar substitute. The first ever baby formula was developed by a chemist named Justus von Liebig in 1865. He patented and marketed it, so he is an inventor of baby formula. Liebig’s baby formula was consisted of cow’s milk, potassium bicarbonate and wheat and malt flour. It was first produced as a liquid form then a powder to improve the reservation quality. It was regarded as the perfect infant food as a substitute for breast milk.

By the end of 19th century, basis of the modern day baby formula had been established and marketing of the products had begun. Since then many commercial formulas have been developed and introduced rapidly leading to modern day baby formula.
In recent years, the quality and safety level of baby formula has been improved a lot, and mothers all over the world have widely practicing baby formula feeding. Still best way to feed your baby is breast feeding if you can. If you can’t produce enough breast milk, then you can mix breast feeding and formula feeding, so your baby can get some benefit of natural breast milk.

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