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Christmas Traveling With Infant Tips to help new parents

When you have an infant, it can take a little more planning.  This is especially true when travelling with an infant.  There are so many things that your baby needs along with the extra time that is needed in caring for them. Here are a few traveling tips when you have infants and young children with you.

1.  Make it comfortable and convenient for you and for baby.  When traveling by airplane, see if you can get a seat where there might be a little more room.  When you travel by car, keep the things your baby will need close so that you can get it without much hassle.

2. Regardless of your mode of transportation, pack light.  Don’t pack everything including the kitchen sink for the baby.  Remember that you can pick up things like diapers, formula, and other necessities when you get to your destination.  Mode of transportation can make a difference. If you are taking an airplane or train, obviously, you need to pack lighter in order to fit everything into the luggage allowance for the airplane.

3. Take familiar items.  When traveling, any child, especially infants, needs to be surrounded by familiar items and smells. Having a special blanket or stuffed animal can help them feel more comfortable.

4. Take frequent breaks.  When traveling, we all get tired.  Baby gets tired of traveling as well.  Sometimes it just takes stopping for a brief change of scenery.

5. Plan travel during sleep time.  When you plan your travel during your baby’s nap time or sleep time, then baby may go to sleep for a good portion of the trip.

Traveling can be much more challenging when you have a baby. Whether traveling by car, train, or airplane, these tips can help make your trip a little bit easier for everyone.

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