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Great Halloween Activity Ideas With Infant

Great Halloween Activity Ideas With Infant

Do you have an infant at home that is going to be celebrating one of their initial Halloweens? It can be an exciting time of the year, yet you want to make sure you are doing something that is going to be memorable and fun for them. What do you do in this type of situation? Most people get confused and are unable to figure out something that is fun and enjoyable for both the parents and the infant. Here are a few great activity ideas that can be put to action right away.


There is perhaps nothing more fun than sweet treats with a bit of ‘thematic’ purpose to them. Halloween is all about those treats and of course you will not be feeding your child those candies that are being given on the street. So what can you do in this case?

Why not make your own treats? Open up a recipe book and start cracking out fun treats with your infant for them to enjoy.


Remember those times when you used to listen to and read spooky stories during this time of the year? Why not do this with your infant.

Don’t read stories that are downright scary, but something that has this theme built around it is a great way to begin.

Halloween Party

Why not get all of the neighbourhood infants in one place and have a little get together. This can make it easier to recreate the experience for the infants.

There are many other ideas that can be employed, but these are often used because of how easy and fun they are. Don’t worry about how the activities are going to unfold because the infant cares about the experience, not the execution of the ideas that are implemented.

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