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Popular Children Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

Popular Children Halloween Costume Ideas For 2014

When you are trying to figure out what your kids will look like this year for Halloween, it is sometimes a very difficult situation. You might want to dress them in a certain way, but by choosing popular costumes that you know everyone else will be wearing, you might feel as if you are letting them down by making them look like everyone else. If you don’t have the time to create a unique costume by sewing one in your spare time, you might want to look at what is available, modify what you can purchase, in order to make it look completely unique. Here are some tips on creating a unique children’s Halloween costume with the ideas we are about to present.

What You Should Avoid

Unless your child is dead set on looking like the characters from Frozen, or choosing a common costume like a witch or a skeleton, you might want to recommend something brand-new. Of course, you don’t want your child to be embarrassed with the choices you are going to recommend, but you also want them to stand out. What you should avoid is a costume that you know everyone else will be wearing because it’s not a lot of fun to walk by other kids that have the exact same costume on. However, it might be that your little boy or girl actually wants to look like Elsa like all of her friends. It really is about making your kids happy.

Making Popular Costumes Unique

One way to make sure that your kids are happy wearing popular costumes, yet make them completely unique, is to add something from the movie character that they would like to look like that other kids might not have. An example of this would be choosing a popular Disney character, but making it just a little better. Instead of Elsa with shoulder length hair, you might want to get them a wig that is several feet longer. If your boy wants to be a swashbuckling pirate, instead of the traditional captains hat and sword, you might want to add a monkey. It doesn’t have to be an actual monkey, but it can make them look just like Capt. Jack and the monkey that is also called Jack.

Unique Ideas You Might Try

If your child is not that worried about using costumes that everyone else will, you might want to combine a couple together to make something very unique. If aliens and ghosts are popular this year, you might want to put a ghost head on an alien body so that people will definitely do a double take. If your little girl would like to be a princess, instead of the dress that everyone else will be wearing, you might want to use the clothing that they wore in a different scene, just to change things up. You can also go for something completely outrageous like a robot made of a box that you had at home wrapped with aluminum foil. You could attach a radio to the front which could play their favorite music. If you are able to work with your children on a costume together, and they are happy about that idea, this is the best way to create a children’s Halloween costume that both of you will be happy with, one that they will always remember.

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