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The Ultimate Question “When Can I Give My Baby Milk”

The Ultimate Question “When Can I Give My Baby Milk”

Having babies is an easy task, but raising them is the hardest. New mothers are always on a learning cycle trying to figure things out, so that can offer their children the best possible solutions and solve issues the best way possible. The internet is very helpful for new mothers as they can easily come online and ask other mothers or specialists for help if they are not too sure about something or want to learn more about something before they end up introducing it to their child.

The internet has became a very helpful community for these new mothers and they are able to get the answers to most of their questions. Today, I will be expanding a little more on a questions that is always asked and wondered by new mothers. The questions is “When can I give my baby milk?”

This question is always making the rounds as mothers who stop breastfeeding want to know, also mothers who do not know when is the best time to stop breastfeeding and start to introduce your child to regular cow milk. Breast milk has it’s benefits, but for obvious reasons a mother has to stop at one point and transition their child to cow milk.

Do not be afraid cow milk has a lot of nutrients for your child and will really give them the energy and vitamins they need to make their bones grow and become a lot stronger. The issue a lot of times is that babies cannot digest cow milk as well as they are able to digest the milk they get from breast milk. Due to this a lot of times the child will be fussy in the start and may spit up a couple times. However you want to start to introduce it slowly.

For instance, you may want to switch to fist having one bottle a day of cow milk just so they get used to the idea and the taste. If you all of a sudden let go of breast milk the child will feel really stressed out and they will get very grumpy. To avoid that you need to do it slowly, so that the transition is smooth and not very fast. This way they are able to have a taste of both and then slowly move towards cow milk. Instead, of doing it all at once, which may be too much for a child to handle.

One should probably stop breastfeeding anywhere between 1 to 2 years of age. Wherever you feel that your child will be able to transition the best. This is different for every mother and child and you should not compare you time to any other mother and child’s as everyone grows differently. So, when you feel it is the right time start to give your child a little bit of cow milk, so that they are prepared for it and are also able to have a good time.

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