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Tip For Burping An Infant Properly

Tip For Burping An Infant Properly

Getting an infant to burp is essential, but how can a parent do it properly? There are so many different suggestions and for someone that is looking for a simple answer, it can become a very complicated issue to deal with. You want to make sure you are doing the right thing for your infant and not harming them because you were fed the wrong information. Here are two important tips to consider when you are looking to burp an infant the right way. By following these tips, it will be easy to make sure the infant burps as they are supposed to.

Find The Right Position

This is the best place to begin. There are two common positions that can be used; over the shoulder or face down on the lap. These are the positions that do the trick for getting the baby to burp.

Remember to make sure they are being patted or rubbed gently in these positions. There is no need to force the issue and a lot of parents do this and it is completely unnecessary.

A nice, soothing rub is more than enough to get the infant to burp as long as they are in the positions mentioned above.

Read The Signs

There are times where the baby might not burping and parents assume they do. There are certain signs that have to be picked up (i.e. wiggling or frowning). Look out for these signs and it will become much easier to know when to help them burp.

It is also critical to remember that it is not always necessary to burp them. Sometimes, they won’t require it.

There is a lot of information out there both online and offline when it comes to burping an infant. There are multiple techniques that work and of course each infant is different. This has to be taken into consideration when you are looking for a solution. If one option doesn’t work, it is critical to try out the others in order to get the kind of results you are coveting and making sure the infant finds some relief as well. Remain patient as burping does take a while and implement these tips to get quality results.

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