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When Can Babies Drink Milk And Transition From Formula Or Breast Milk

When Can Babies Drink Milk And Transition From Formula Or Breast Milk

Being a new Mother means that you have a lot of questions that you do not even know the answer to. This can worry a lot of mothers as they are afraid of the unknown. Your whole life you may be that person who has everything figured out, but right when you enter motherhood everything changes because everything is just so new to you and you are again in the learning process.

Everything also becomes twice harder as not only are your leaning, but you have to make sure that you are making no mistakes as you want to take zero chances or no risks with the health, growth and development of your child.

This is why the internet has been very helpful for new mothers. They are able to ask questions to which the answers they do not have and get an answer back in no time at all. One of the questions that mothers are not too sure about and do not know the answer to is when can their babies drink cow milk and transition to cow milk from the baby formula they are drinking or the breast milk the mothers are feeding them. This is a very tricky question as well as everyone needs to transition on their own time, but most people state that the age of two years old it is all good to have them taste cow milk.
Cow milk is a lot harder to digest for a child in comparison to breast milk or baby formula. This is because cow milk does not have enough water, which is why it does not end up digesting as well. Do not worry if your child spits up in the start as that is very normal and is something that you should likely expect and not worry too much about. They are several reasons as to why that happens. However, you need to focus on the right time for child and see when the most beneficial time will be for them. You should start off by giving them one little cup on cow milk before taking away the other milk all at once.

This is very important as that can really throw the child off and they will reject the cow milk and be very uneasy if they do not get the other one. This is why you need to transition it in very slowly, so that your child does not get uneasy about the whole matter and will be able to adapt to the cow milk easily. Not only do you need to adapt the child to this change slowly, but the stomach as well. Cow milk is very heavy compare to the other forms of milk, which is why you do not want to do the transition all at once as it can upset the stomach of your child. Overall, make the transition slowly and not all at once, so that they will end up liking it.

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