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When Will Babies Stop Drinking Formula?

If you are new to parenting and have chosen to feed your child with formula, you may wonder how long you will need to continue giving your child the formula. Most babies will continue drinking it until they reach their first birthday. It is best to wait until your child actually turns one before you start giving him or her any cow’s milk to drink.

Formula contains many of the essential nutrients and vitamins that babies needs to develop properly. Some women choose to feed their babies formula instead of breast milk and others may choose to supplement with formula when their supply is a bit low or if they are having trouble providing as much milk as their child needs.

If you were to give an infant cow’s milk at only a few months of age, the child may begin to experience constipation, gas and other abdominal issues. Unfortunately, your little one would be too young to communicate with you about the discomfort that he or she is experiencing, which would typically result in frustration for both you and the baby. In fact, the discomfort could cause your child to cry continuously.

While feeding your child formula, make sure to pay attention to the instructions that come on the container. If you purchase the powdered version, you will need to mix it with water.

The exact measurements that you should use will be featured on the container that you use. If you buy the liquid version, you should not add water to it because it is pre-made and ready to use.

When your child begins approaching the first birthday, you may want to start slowly adding cow’s milk into his or her diet. Instead of automatically switching straight to the cow’s milk, you could try giving your child some dairy products to see how well he or she takes to them. Some good ideas would include pieces of cubed cheese or yogurt.

Just a few weeks before your child turns one, you can also start serving a cup of milk each day. If you notice that your child seems fine and does not have any reaction to it, your little one should be fine to make the switch. However, if your child becomes constipated because of the cow’s milk, you may want to consider giving him or her soy milk.

Some children are lactose intolerant and have difficulties when they consume cow’s milk. If something like that happens, there are plenty alternatives and soy milk is just one of them.

You could also choose to give your child some toddler formula or almond milk. If you do not know exactly what to do, talking it over with the pediatrician may be helpful.

Overall, a child should typically continue drinking formula until he or she turns one. Starting too soon could cause problems for your child’s digestive system, which could also result in a lot of fussiness and crying. When you do start to make the transition, make sure to do it slowly so that your child’s stomach gets used to it.

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