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Pregnancy Weight Gain

Facts about Weight Gain and Normal Pregnancy 

Weight gain during pregnancy is a natural and important aspect which shows the health of your growing baby. Though during pregnancy women have to eat for two entities but the temptation of eating double diet at this time should be avoided. Instead of increasing the quantity of food you should focus on improving the quality of the food you choose to eat at this time.

Weight gain and pregnancy: pregnancy calorie facts to be cared

Weight Gain 1For the benefit of your and your baby’s health at every stage of pregnancy you should consume right amount of calories by eating the best food. According to the doctors during the first trimester of the pregnancy calorie intake of child bearing women, on the basis of the Dietary Reference Intake or DRI, should be 2200 as compared to 2000 in your pre pregnancy days. In fact during first trimester the calorie need of you baby are very small as compared to his need for nutrients. So you should start counting every bite you eat at this stage.During second pregnancy trimester doctors usually add approximately 340 calories to the daily diet of the pregnant ladies which may be equal to one slice of whole grain bread with one table spoon of grape jam and one and half table spoon peanut butter along with a cup of fat free skim milk. The third trimester is the period when according to the doctors 450 calories more can be added to their daily diet by adding half cup of mixed fruit, one third cup of low fat granola and one cup of low fat vanilla yogurt.

Effects of weight during pregnancy

The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy effect your own well being during and after pregnancy along with the health of your baby.

Risk for the baby if you gain too little weight during pregnancy

weight gain 2Low baby weight at the time of birth Premature birth Problem in initial breast feeding

Risks of gaining too much weight during pregnancy

Possibilities of cesarean section delivery increases due to increased size of the baby Baby’s weight can be more than 4,500 g causing the problem of macrosomia Hypertension or gestational diabetes Losing weight after pregnancy becomes difficult

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy may vary with each woman as it depends upon her original weight before pregnancy. You can determine the amount of weight you should put on during pregnancy with the help of your doctor.

Managing calorie intake during pregnancy while maintaining nutrients intake

Avoid intense hunger by eating smaller meals more frequentlyEat food slowly and in small sizes to give time to your body to digest itVegetables and fruits should be included in your routine diet to provide water, fiber and nutrients along with some calories to your bodyYou should make adjustments in your food on the basis of your activity level to improve its quality ad nutrition

Thus you can get the best pregnancy weight by eating healthy diet to ensure that you are responsibly eating for the betterment of the two.

Pregnancy Weight Gain October 8, 2014
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