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MyDeeBaby Infant is nutritionally tailored to help support older milestones like grasping. MyDeeBaby Infant has the following

  • Choline and DHA important brain-nourishing nutrients;Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend designed to help support your baby’s own natural defenses
  • A formula blend that is closer to mature breast milk than ever before
  • MyDeeBaby Infant is part of MyDeeBaby Staged Nutrition inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk

Designed to give your baby the very best start in life.

Feeding your baby MyDeeBaby Infant formula for the first 12 months could help a healthy start. MyDeeBaby Infant formula has important nutrients that help promote brain and eye development, as well as a healthy immune system.
Inspired by the nutrition of breast milk, MyDeeBaby Infant is patterned after mature breast milk and helps support older milestones like grasping and rolling over.

MyDeeBaby Infant formula is nutritionally complete, so it has essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy physical and mental development as she transitions from newborn to infant to toddler.

Complete Nutrition for Your Baby’s First Year

The first year of life is a period of rapid brain growth. Help your baby reach important milestones with MyDeeBaby Advance Stage 1—an ideal first formula to provide complete nutrition for your baby’s first year. MyDeeBaby Advance Stage 1, designed to be closer than ever to breast milk.* (*Reformulated to better match the average caloric density of breast milk, available in most MyDeeBaby formulas)

Nutrition That Goes Beyond DHA Alone

MyDeeBaby Advance Stage 1 features an exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E which are important ingredients found in breast milk. DHA supports brain development, Lutein supports eye health, and Vitamin E is an important nutrient found in breast milk to support developing cells.

Quality Infant Formula

  • Closer than ever to breast milk
  • Stage 1, From Birth – 12 months Complete nutrition for your baby’s first year
  • Features an exclusive blend of important ingredients found in breast milk
  • Has DHA, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E
Product Information July 25, 2014
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