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Supplementing Breastfeeding

Supplementing Breastfeeding with Baby Formula

Till the time your baby turns at least six months old, exclusive breastfeeding for the child has been recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics.
Solid foods should be added to the baby’s diet along with breastfeeding for about 12 months whereas after that, the mother can breastfeed the baby till the time the baby and the mother herself desire.

PregnancyA baby formula that provides with the wholesome nutrition to the baby is the MydeeBaby For Supplementation. Regular breastfeeding can be supplemented with baby formula and it is a completely safe step as the Food and Drug Administration regulates all baby formulas. The formula by MydeeBaby assists as well as supports the development of the eyes and brain of your baby as it is rich in Lutein and DHA. It also consists of some prebiotics that help to achieve the optimal digestive health of your child. MydeeBaby for Supplementation is one such formula that has been designed specially for the mothers who are breastfeeding their baby and desire to supplement the baby’s diet with a baby formula.

Getting The Baby Adjusted To Bottle Feeding

To begin with supplementing, you should decide the pattern of supplementing the breastfeeding with the baby formula and how often you desire to supplement it. Discontinuing the breastfeeding results in breast engorgement which can be uncomfortable and troublesome for the mother. In order to prevent it a slow transition and supplementation should be introduced. It is recommended to supplement the breastfeeding with the formula once a day. For working mothers, getting back to work means skipping the breastfeeding at least twice a day. In such a case, the baby should be introduced to the baby formula for about 10-12 days before joining work.

deliver baby 2Initially, to get your baby adjusted with the artificial nipple, before introducing the formula, start giving breast milk in a bottle.
In order to avoid breast engorgement and discomfort for yourself as well as to ensure an adequate milk supply, express milk for similar durations for which you used to breastfeed your baby.

Mixing some of your breast milk with the baby formula will assist your baby in adjusting to the new taste. Another way to get him or her adjusted with it is to alternate the formula with breast milk at some feedings. It sometimes is confusing to decide the perfect formula brand. MydeeBaby acts as the most beneficial and suitable formula at this sensitive stage of your baby’s growth as its composition forms a perfect blend of DHA, Lutein and other essential nutrients required by the child.

Baby Formula Bottle Feeding By Others

If the other members of your family or your spouse feeds your baby with the very first bottle of the baby formula, it will help the baby develop a bond with them and will also make the baby get used to this mode of feeding. You should try to be away at that time otherwise your baby will hold out for breastfeeding. This is because while breastfeeding, your baby gets used to your smell and starts associating feeding with you. Apart from that, if other members are feeding the baby, the mother gets time for herself and other engagements.

Supplementing Breastfeeding October 8, 2014
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